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alexkid is a 24-year-old dj/producer from paris. he has been involved in music around 5-6 years - professionally. his biggest music influences come from blaxploitation era and soul, funk and disco. he made his first remix back in 95 a song from the album "songs from the cold seas" with velvet undergrounds john cale and susanne vega in vocals. he hates major record companies so some of his favorite remixes have never been released commercially.

alexkid has been playing around middle and south europe like barcelona, brussels, vienna, england etc. but not always under his alexkid alias. he is working on a dub album with two friends for guidance (chigago) under the name dubphonics. he is also putting final touches on his own album for f-communications and a project "common nature" with mandel turner for guidance. look out also his "secret" pop project. by the end of the millenium he will also work on an alexkid live act with real live musicians.

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